Shortbread Biscuits

Wrapped biscuits

I must admit that I’m not always a fan of shop-bought shortbread, or even some home-made versions, as I often find them too dry. This recipe, the original version of which I seem to remember my Mom cut out of a magazine or newspaper about 30 years ago, is a nice compromise between shortbread and a ‘traditional’ biscuit, being ‘short’ but not dry (unless you bake them too long, of course).

Other virtues of this recipe are that the dough itself isn’t too sweet and you can add just about any flavouring you like to it. My personal favourites are flaked/nibbed almonds and brandy, which are totally delicious together, or lavender, which is what I’m using here. (N.B. You need to chop the lavender flowers and leaves very finely!) Chocolate chips or any kind of dried fruit also work well, although obviously make it a bit sweeter.

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Peanut Butter Biscuits

Cooling peanut butter biscuits

This is a recipe my Gran used to make and I have many memories of greatly enjoying them as a child. Once she shared the recipe, I started making them myself and to this day, many years later, people always exclaim how delicious they are. They are also very simple and quick to put together and bake, so perfect for last-minute guests or an emergency hostess gift.

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