About Me

I was 10 when my mother first took me to Weighless. As I know she loves me, I have no doubt she had my best interests at heart. Still, that was my first experience of putting a judgement on different kinds of foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Since then I have had a love/hate relationship with food, which has impacted many different areas of my life.

Diet No More

After dieting on and off for 25 years (so many different ‘eating programmes’!), losing and gaining back probably the equivalent of my own body weight over that time, I had just lost 20kg – again. When I started eating ‘normally’ (and of course putting the weight back on), a friend said to me, “Thank goodness – you’re a much nicer person when you’re not dieting!” That was the point at which I decided it was time to call a halt to the dieting spiral.

Since then, I have learned a lot about the dangers of dieting and I’ve adopted a different approach to my health. I’ve started practicing the art of listening to what my body wants and trying to give it that. I also now know how important it is to address other aspects of our lives – like our emotions, relationships and fears – and to follow our dreams, if we are to have any hope of a balanced and healthy life.

Food as a Spiritual Practice

As part of my own journey of personal growth, I have studied metaphysics and spirituality for many years. While recently attending a Mindful Cooking course by Daniel Jardim, someone who has radically inspired me, I had a lightbulb moment: what if, instead of thinking of food as either comfort or a guilty pleasure, I was to throw myself into it whole-heartedly? Could I make food a spiritual practice?

So I decided to start this blog as a means of exploring and embracing my relationship with food, as well as a way to share recipes that people have praised over the years and new, experimental ones that I’m coming up with all the time. I don’t want this blog to become another chore (my life tends to be ruled by chores, if I’m not careful), so I cook whatever I’m inspired to, and simply photograph and scribble notes about the ingredients I use as I go.

Food of All Kinds

I have explored and cook from an ever-expanding, wide variety of traditions. I was vegetarian for 12 years, and I still love veggies and eat a lot of them. I also incorporate raw and whole foods into my meals because I like them and they make me feel good. Using organic foods, preferably from my own garden, is one of my favourite things for so many reasons – flavour, nutrition and sustainability, to name but a few. I will be touching more on these things as time goes by so look out for those blogs if you want to know more.

I truly hope that what I share on this blog adds value to your life and inspires you to explore your own relationship with food (and with yourself). Food is an essential part of our life – we may as well relish it!

And the journey continues…

Cape Town, South Africa



  1. Hi Alexandra Thank you for sharing your new Blog with me! I certainly can resonate with you regarding one’s relationship with food, so look forward to following your journey and trying out your recipes! Regards Ros – Smilers Selection


    • Thanks, Mary!

      Yes, the vegetarian story has been an interesting journey. I was happily vegetarian for about 12 years before I started feeling not so well. Information then began to come my way from various different sources, starting with an intuitive colleague telling me out of the blue that I needed to start eating meat, which I initially just ignored. Over the next few months I received information about my blood type and metabolic type, which both stipulated that I should be eating meat. Then another confirmation arrived from another intuitive, and then finally a meditation that I myself did, where I got the message in no uncertain terms yet again. So eventually, with much gnashing of teeth and crying (literally – for weeks), I gave in and resolved my conflict by reminding myself that I could stop eating meat again at any time.

      That was about 7 years ago and I know it was the right decision for me – for now. I definitely feel more healthy and people tell me I’m far more grounded. I’ve mostly got over feeling guilty about it, since there is no point in adding that to the energy of the whole process as well, but I’m still very conscious about the ethics and sustainability of eating meat. So I buy organic from my local butcher and make sure to bless the animals and everyone else involved as a form of grace before eating.

      And who knows, I may well wake up one morning and know that it’s time to revert to being veggie. And so the journey continues…


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