Split Pea and Ham Soup Recipe

Split pea and ham soup ready to eat

This split pea and ham soup is one of the best winter dishes as it’s thick, hearty, warming and nourishing – almost more like a stew than a soup. The original recipe was given to me several years ago by my friend Belinda (thanks B!) and it’s apparently an old Dutch family recipe. For me it comes with memories of many episodes of Prison Break, which a bunch of us watched at one sitting while eating Belinda’s delicious soup. We all agreed that the soup and certain cast members of Prison Break were equally yummy! Continue reading

Butternut and Orange Soup

This soup is somehow light and yet filling and comforting at the same time. For this version, I’ve added a twist with orange juice and ginger, which gives it a delicious edge. Continue reading

Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is a staple ingredient it’s handy to have in your freezer at all times – there are just so many ways to use it! Yes, you can buy stock cubes or even liquid stock these days but making your own is so much more satisfying, plus it gives you a way to use up all the left-over bits of chicken bones and bendy carrots in your fridge. Continue reading