Spiced Carrot Cookies

Spiced carrot cookies

These spiced bites are a bit like a carrot cake but in soft and chewy cookie form. They are perfect for a snack or teatime treat for kids or adults and you can make them as healthy as you like, depending on what ingredients you use. They are slightly sweet but not too much so and the sweetness comes naturally from the carrots, raisins and honey. Continue reading

Honey-Roasted Nuts

Honey-roasted nuts

Apparently it’s good for productivity to take regular breaks from work during the day – which is lucky as I love my coffee/tea breaks and would probably take them anyway. 🙂 Since I like a nibble with my beverage (and that can lead down a dangerous road if you work from home a lot), I am always on the look-out for relatively healthy snack ideas.

I have a really good (and reasonably-priced) supplier of raw nuts so have been experimenting lately with different ways to use them to create yummy bites, and I came up with these honey-roasted nuts. Yes, you can buy something similar but they are ridiculously expensive and not nearly so delicious! Continue reading