Customised Cooking Courses

 I provide recipes that are tailor-made for your family,
and teach you (or your domestic/nanny/anyone else)
to cook them in the comfort of your own home*

Healthy, paleo, vegetarian or raw?
Not a problem – I can cater for most food preferences

How it works

  1. I send you a questionnaire to find out about your preferences e.g. whether you are following a specific way of eating or prefer to include or avoid certain food groups.
  2. The questionnaire includes fee options, which are based on how many hours you would like to spend on learning your new skill.
  3. Once I know what you’re looking for, I send you a list of possible recipes to choose from, along with approximate preparation times.
  4. After you return the completed recipe list to me, we settle on a date.
  5. I send you a shopping list in plenty of time for you to stock up (ingredients are for you to sort out).
  6. On the day, I come to your house with all your chosen recipes, and we cook the dishes together so you learn exactly what to do.
  7. You and your family then get to enjoy the results!

For further information or a questionnaire, please contact me.

*Cape Town only
(unless you’re prepared to cover my travel expenses 🙂 )


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